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Section 5 - Events and tasks

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Section 5 - Events and tasks


This section will help you to get familiar with event and tasks. Here are short definitions:


An event is an element associated with a record. For example, opening of a candidate's file.

A task est une action liée à un événement. For example, each action realted to the process of placing a candidate for a term or job offer.


Good task management makes it possible to optimize the work for the follow-up of files.

The examples explained and illustrated in this unit are are for information only. Depending on your configuration, it is possible that the tasks and events presented are different from your usual display. The procedures to be followed remain the same


In this section:

Windows - Events and tasks


To be added shortly:

Events and tasks management

Search and display events and tasks

Delete an event and its associated tasks

Synchronization of tasks with Outlook

Filters on tasks and events notes



This section is under construction and some items may be missing from the online help. However, you can refer to the corresponding pages of the online help of version 4.60. Although the interface has changed, the missing items are basically working the same way.


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