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Section 8 - Operations - Permanent

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Section 8 - Operations - Permanent


In PRIM, permanent refer to job offers.


What is a job offer?


A job offer is a request with a placement process where the candidate becomes the employee of your client. The pay of the candidate becomes the responsibility of the client.


Where can I find the list of job offers?


Job offer management window – Management of operations related to all the job offers in PRIM.

Candidate window – Consultation of the job offers linked with the candidate who's file is open.

Client window – Consultation of the job offers linked with the client file that is open.


In this section:

Job offers status

Assign a candidate and application follow-up


To be added:

Job offers window

Job offers management window

Placement process steps

Create a job offer

Why a candidate i snot displayed in the result of my research


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