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Section 12 – PRIMWEB : the Web portal

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Section 12 – PRIMWEB : the Web portal


The web portal allows candidates and clients to connect to their own dedicated space, through which they can interact with the agency.

Its URL is generally made up of the agency's name and the PRIM Logix domain.


For example:  ("xyz" stands for agency's name and will vary)

To find out which URLs give direct access to specific pages on the web portal, please consult the page List of URLs for Web portal.



Home page


The home page of the web portal allows candidates and clients to log in with their login details.

In addition, other connection options are available if your agency has set up these options, i.e. connection via Facebook, Google or LinkedIn accounts.


A link on this page takes you to the registration page, where candidates and customers can create their account.  PRIM Logix allows two types of clients to register: the "company" client and the "individual" client. The latter is used, for example, in homecare.


The possibilities offered to Web portal users may vary according to the configuration set up by the agency.




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