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Section 6 - Communications

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Section 6 - Communications


This section will help you get familiar with the different means of communication in PRIM Logix: phone calls, email or SMS.


Would you want to propose a replacement to a candidate, to confirm an assignment to a client, or even to send an invoice to a client or a mass message to all your contacts, PRIM Logix allows you to manage your communications effectively.

In this section, we will use the word "Contact" to designate a client, a candidate or an employee.


In this section:

Icons for communications

Communication history

Emails : user profile and signature, synchronization, sending emails

Advanced users section : synchronization setup, communication security, message templates


To be added shortly:

Phone calls




This section is under construction. However, you can refer to the corresponding pages of the online help of version 4.60. Although the interface has changed, the missing items are basically working the same way.

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