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Section 7 - Operations - Temporary

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Section 7 - Operations - Temporary


This unit will familiarize you with the operations for temporary assignments, especially the replacements.


What is a replacement?


A replacement is a  punctual or one-time temporary request. The replacement will relate a candidate to a client based on a set of defined criteria for each entity and availabilities of the candidate.  


The request  can be unique and treated as such: it is then a replacement.  

It can also be treated as part of a group of several requests, using the same identification number in the system: it is then referred as a grouped repacement.


Information ad operations pertaining to temporary requests will be found in the section Temp request of the Home ribbon.




The Temp request section gives access to 4 windows:


The Replacement window (PRIM014): allows you to consult, modify or manage a specific replacement.

The Add batch requests window (PRIM011): allows you to create one or multiple unique replacement(s).

The window for Multiple temporary requests management, (or grouped replacements) (PRIM005): allows you to create, view, modify or manage grouped replacements.

The window for replacements management (PRIM007): allows you to manage all replacements.*


*In some situations, it will not be possible to manage grouped replacements in the "Replacement management" window: the user will then be redirected to the grouped replacements window.  


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