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Training plan

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Training plan


The training plan has been developed in several sections in order to guide the user toward learning the PRIM software. It is preferable to follow the order of the sections, that was planned according to the degree of difficulty, in order to help the user to become functional as quickly as possible.


The more we advance in the sections, the more specific is the content. For example, the ''Accounting'' section is not necessarily useful for the dispatch.


Be aware that PRIM is configured according to the specific needs of each of our clients. The examples used are inspired by the basic configuration.


Section 1 - Interface and common manipulations

Section 2 - Client

Section 3 - Candidate

Section 4 - Agency

Section 5 - Events and tasks

Section 6 - Communications

Section 7 - Operations - Temporary

Section 8 - Operations - Permanent

Section 9 - Accounting

Section 10 - System configuration

Section 11 - Importation and Exportation

Section 12 - PRIMWEB




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